COVID Secure Notice

In order to be Covid Secure, there are a few new procedures in place. We have had to change how things work slightly in order that you are safe to enjoy your long awaited holiday.

We have fully risk assessed our holiday homes (in line with government guidance) to make sure that all possible risks (i.e touch points) are limited and made as safe as possible. This creates a responsibility for both you and us in order to keep us all safe. Please abide by our procedures and make sure that you are acting responsibly at all times.

Arrival 5pm/Departure 10am

Arrival and Departure Times – To enable us to undertake the more intensive cleans required we have asked that guests vacate the property by 10am and check in not before 5pm. If either time is disregarded by guests, staff will be asked to insist that you leave and return at the appropriate times to enable us to work safely. 

Decluttering – We will declutter as much as possible to make the cleaning and sanitising of your holiday home as easy as possible- removing anything that isn’t deemed to be essential. We have made every effort to maintain a comfortable and homely feel to your holiday home but it is a simple measure we can do to minimise risk.

During Your Stay

Wash your Hands! – During your stay please do ensure that you wash your hands regularly, being especially thorough. Hand soap is provided at every sink in the property.

Social Distancing – Please maintain social distancing when you are out and about. Be respectful of others and their need to be at least 2m away from you at all times.

Inside your holiday property

Cleaning Equipment – all the cleaning equipment, cloths and cleaning products have been left for you to use and make it easy for you to keep everything clean and virus free. They have been specially selected so that this should be an easy task with minimal effort for you with maximum effect. The cloths are brand new and the all the products are effective against the virus. Please use them if you have been out and about to keep the property clean and virus free as possible.

Departure (10am!)

Laundry – We ask guests to strip their linen and bag together with used towels in the bags provided. Please secure these bags and leave them inside the property. If you are staying for a fortnight then we will contact you to arrange the collection of used linen and towels half way through your stay. We will replace it with clean linen and towels, however guests will be asked to make up the beds themselves to avoid staff entering the property.

Waste Disposal – Waste should be disposed of in the outside bins provided. Please make sure that there are no food products or personal belongings left inside the property on departure. 

Ventilate the Property Appropriately – We would suggest opening all windows and where possible doors upon leaving the property, weather permitting.

Clean and Disinfect –Please wipe all surfaces down on leaving with the antiviral spray and cloth provided. All frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected thoroughly using the cleaning products provided.

Wash your Hands! – Please do ensure that you wash your hands after repeatedly throughout your stay and on leaving the property.

We realise that all this seems quite timely and that extra effort has to be made- but in order for us to continue to provide properties to a safe standard then these measures are essential- so please do abide by them, we are really grateful for all the extra effort you will have made.

Rule of Six

Our policy is that any customer with a booking affected by the ‘Rule of Six’ government announcement about social gatherings in England, Scotland or Wales may either rearrange to new dates in 2020 or 2021, with no amendment fee; or receive a full cash refund* if preferred.

This policy currently applies to bookings with a party size of seven or more guests due to start on or before 2nd December 2020. As legislation varies between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it is your responsibility to understand whether your booking is affected and whether or not you are able to travel. The latest government information can be found here: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

At present, there is currently no official end date to the “Rule of Six”. This means that this may be relaxed by the government at any time. Accordingly, at this time, we will prioritise normal terms and conditions apply if you actively cancel your booking, travellers will not be eligible to rebook or receive a refund.

*Please contact us for more information.
Normal terms and conditions apply to all future bookings. Please refer to the Booking Terms for further information and for information about cancellations and refunds.

We continue to follow guidance from the various UK country governments, and we are keeping this page and our policies under constant review.

We appreciate that some guests may have bookings that are impacted by other legislation and government guidance which is constantly being reviewed and updated by the government. Before deciding whether to travel, customers should ensure they have checked and understood the relevant legislation and government guidance that is applicable to their party, party make-up and locale of a booking.

Thank you for your patience.

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