Letting your Devon holiday home…… and how to get bookings!

5H1A0755 Letting your Devon holiday home...... and how to get bookings! Coastal Living Devon

Where to start

Many of us dream of owning a home by the sea, waking up to fresh air and a beach walk before breakfast, which of course will consist of locally made delicious Devon produce.  Holidays are important to the quality of our lives, it’s a time where we remember who we are away from the stresses of work and it’s an opportunity to reconnect with our families doing fun stuff together. For those fortunate enough to make those dreams a reality, purchasing a second home is often a big financial commitment and offsetting some of the cost by holiday letting is a great option.

Whether it’s an existing holiday home you already own or one you have set your heart on purchasing, you will have ideas on how you would like it to operate to suit your own objectives.  Some like to visit their holiday home on a regular basis and others are purely using it as an investment, maximising revenue is key to both.  Flexibility to use the property is often a driving factor for those wanting to use their home so choosing an agent that allows a flexible approach will be important.

Choosing your letting agent is a personal decision, often based on the service extended to your guests and the relationship you develop with your agent.  Large national booking agents often operate from call centres and not based in the location of your holiday home, this can be tricky when guests are seeking information about the local area and have property specific queries.  The local independent booking agent employing local people will give your guests the local’s tips and advice on how to maximise the enjoyment of their holiday and that’s our winning advantage!  We will inspire and excite our guests, helping them choose their perfect holiday home by creating an experience they will treasure forever.

What are the benefits?

Appointing a local independent booking agent has many benefits, the first is building a strong relationship based on trust and regular communication.  Holiday lettings is a partnership between owner and letting agent so you want to feel supported and happy in the knowledge that your agent is listening to your requirements.  

We will hold your hand from the very start of the process, assisting you with the legal stuff (very important!) and advising you on how best to maximise the potential of your holiday let.  We will arrange professional photography to showcase your property at it’s best, it is essential to consider interior design as your guests will be choosing their holiday based on what they can see.  If your property is in need of renovation or just a simple style update then we can help.

It’s always nice to know the person you are working with and feel that you are in safe hands, a small independent agency will provide this, giving updates on market trends, discuss marketing strategies and offer pricing advice. 

Get in touch to talk through your requirements on 01548 800500

Why not do it myself?

You can certainly go it alone and push out your own website, however this takes time and a lot of effort.  Most prefer to use the experience and resources that a booking agent has built up, taking advantage of their established marketing strategies and reputation.  Marketing content, advertising and handling enquiries takes time and your booking agent will have the resources to manage this on your behalf.

Maximising occupancy is important and so is the quality of your guests, your booking agent will be managing your bookings to achieve both.

Pricing can be tricky, it’s not always easy to know if you are pricing competitively for the local market also taking into consideration the changing financial climate.  Dynamic pricing is a great way to know what is happening in the locality of your property, using this software to price your property competitively will increase not only occupancy but also revenue.  Your booking agent will help you to understand how this works and how this will benefit your holiday let.

When do we get started?

The easy answer is as early in the process as possible!  By receiving the correct advice early on you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.  We can advise you on the best locations to buy, the best layout if you are renovating and the most effective ways of presenting your property.  Your local booking agent will have many local connections so finding the right trades that are reliable and offer a value for money service will take the stress out of the process.

You will want to know how your holiday let will run when guests are checking in and out. Whether it’s a cottage in Salcombe, an apartment in Dartmouth or a barn in St Ives, we can advise the best housekeeping partners in the area to service your holiday home to a high standard.  

Once you are ready to discuss your holiday let, just give us a call on 01548 800500 and we will give you the confidence to start the lettings process, answering your questions and sharing our vast knowledge. 

Owning a holiday home isn’t just a dream, you’ll be set up in no time!

5H1A5710 HDR Letting your Devon holiday home...... and how to get bookings! Coastal Living Devon

Coastal Living Holidays are on the lookout for special properties to offer their guests.  If you have a holiday home in Devon or Cornwall and would like to join their growing portfolio, please get in touch;

bookings@coastallivingdevon.co.uk or call Charlotte on 01548 800500.

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