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Things to do in Devon for Adults: Visit the Devon Rum Company

Whether you are after a relaxing romantic escape or a more high-energy adventure, there are some really great things to do in Devon for adults. So, what are you waiting for? Leave the kids and the responsibility behind and head to the coast for a well-deserved break (and a glass of award-winning rum).

One of our favourite things about South Devon is the range of independent and artisan businesses that have made it their home. We spoke to the owner of the Devon Rum Company who has been producing hand-crafted rum on Salcombe’s Island Street since 2020. Their new Black Spiced Rum is a Taste of the West Gold Award Winner. Read on for some insider tips on everything Devon and rum.

1/ Who are you and what’s your background? How come you started up a company making Rum?

I have lived in Devon with my family for nearly 20 years now. I was involved in service businesses in London and Kent for many of those years, but in 2019, I decided to launch a business that could promote both artisan drinks and the wonderful county of Devon; particularly one that no longer meant wearing a suit and tie!
things to do in devon for adults

2/ Why Rum when the trend over the past few years has been centred on Gin? What makes it so great?

I think Gin has become a very saturated market over the last five years, with so many small, craft producers popping up. However, rum is seeing a real renaissance and is a real growth market, surrounded by lots of excitement. I think people love the versatility of the spirit. Good craft rums can be enjoyed as ‘sipping’ rums, but then also used for long drinks with so many different mixers and cocktails.
devon rum co

3/ What’s the vision with the Salcombe premises? Why choose Salcombe and what attracted you to Island Street?

We moved into our Island Street premises in July 2022. We had been looking for somewhere a little bit different for quite a while and wanted a location where we could run production and showcase our rums to customers simultaneously.
We’re pleased to say that, after a lot of hard work, our Island Street premises is now complete; with thousands of customers visiting our rum store, exclusive rum bar, and blending house every month.
Island Street is the perfect home for our brand. The unique, winding road features a blend of traditional boat builders, independent retailers, and amazing artisan producers – it’s a pleasure to be a part of its growth and we love being here.
devon rum co

4/ What can people expect when they visit you? Why is it fun and what can they do and buy?

We have a fully stocked rum shop and an exclusive rum bar with a waterside view here on Island Street. There is always a great chilled vibe here, with music playing and drinks flowing. We also offer Rum Tasting Experiences and Cocktail Masterclasses, so there’s lots of reasons to visit!
devon rum co

5/ What’s the best bit about living in South Devon?  What do you love about this area and what are your favourite things to do/see?

Devon is a very beautiful county of England and I think the draw to live here is the same as why so many people love to visit and holiday here. We have the moors, fantastic beaches, some of the best walking, cycling, surfing, water sports, great bars, and restaurants. Devon also hosts lots of great artisan food and drink producers – what’s not to love!
things to do in devon for adults

6/ Your local’s tips, anywhere in the South Hams that visitors might not have discovered yet?

If you’ve not tried it before, get yourself to Bantham or Bigbury for a surf lesson. We have some of the most amazing coastal paths to explore. And take a swim in the sea too. After all, a bit of cold-water swimming is good for the soul!

7/ What’s the vision?  Where are you taking the brand and what accolades (big or small) have you achieved so far?

We’re all passionate about what we do, and we’ve made it our mission to show everyone what is so amazing about artisan craft rums, what makes them so different to mass-produced alternatives, and why you should try it – even if it does cost a few extra quid!
Of course, it’s also about balancing our efforts with sustainability. That’s why we’re pleased to say that we’ve been operating as a 100% plastic free and carbon negative brand since 2020. We’ve also been fortunate enough to collect a few awards along the way, including becoming the only rum brand to ever win back-to-back Taste of the West Gold Awards three years in a row!
Devon Rum Co Honey Spiced Rum scaled Things to do in Devon for Adults: Visit the Devon Rum Company Coastal Living Devon

Where to stay in Salcombe?

Salcombe not only has delicious rum, but beautiful beaches, a stunning harbour and a lively town centre to match. If you are wanting to stay in the area, speak to a member of the Coastal Living team. We will match you to your perfect coastal property. Our Salcombe properties are varied and we have something for everyone. From the character cottage that is Creekside, to the luxury West Soar House.


things to do in devon for adults

If you are after some memorable things to do in Devon for adults, make sure to visit the Devon Rum Company’s waterside rum bar or sign up for a cocktail masterclass. 

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